Our solution

Digital transformation journeys are full of risks. Not only you should focus on your future application landscape and all her complexity, meanwhile your current application landscape and user’s should not suffer the transition.

Our testing as a service solution allows companies to deliver high quality automated tests, on demand. Our clients use and pay for our services just when they need it. Because of our tailored approach we don’t necessarily need to make part of your scrum teams and this is why this all can be done in a hybrid way.

We make test automation accessible to any organization.

The IT landscape is changing faster than we can keep up. Companies that bet on test automation typically cross the finish line faster because they are able to deal with change quickly.

Our approach

  1. Selection

    Our solution expert selects with you the cases with the highest risk. This is done on-site so that we fully understand your needs and culture.
  2. Execution

    We create custom scripts using technology that is accesible to your organisation.
  3. Integration

    We integrate the scripts within your current pipeline so that you can run them after each iteration.
  4. Repeat