Coaching solutions

You may have found your business in the same situation as many others that develop web applications. You’ve done everything you felt you were supposed to do, followed the recommendations of your team and development methodologies, and invested in tools and other resources. Yet, you still find yourself mired in QA problems resulting in production defects, long testing cycles, and overworked QA staff. You’re not alone. Perfecting a software development cycle with proper and efficient QA processes is difficult and takes time and practice. There are often a lot of failures along the way and opportunities to learn. This process is even longer if you try to do it all on your own.

Our coaching solutions can help decrease the time it takes to make your development cycle work effectively for you. Our years of combined experience means we have seen tons of problems out there and their solutions. Independent members of our team have felt the difficulty of incomplete processes, can recognize the symptoms, and have the expertise to offer viable solutions specific to your business.